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I know this is just a small blog, so please don't think that my "Guest Post" policy is a sign of an inflated ego or overly ambitious sense of self, but I've really enjoyed writing on this blog and getting to know some of my readers. I've also had some people ask me if they can write guest posts, and I love the idea of using Balancing Jane--a space that's really helped me figure out my own views on balancing--become a space where other people can share their insights as well. But I also thought it was really important (for any potential guest posters as well as for myself) to have some sort of guidelines for those submissions, however many or few there may be.

So, without further ado, I'd love to have you submit a guest post to Balancing Jane. Here are a few guidelines:

As you can probably tell, Balancing Jane has a pretty broad focus. I write about feminism, food, parenting, politics, fitness, body image, education, and relationships. What I really write about though, beneath the surface, is balancing different parts of my identity. That's the main point of this blog. That means that the topics for guest posts can be pretty broad as well as long as they somehow connect to identity and balance. What are some things you have to balance?

  • Parenting and work life
  • Feminism and marriage
  • Politics and friendships
  • Education and fitness
  • Something else entirely
Whatever it is that you balance, if you have perspective you want to share, please submit it. I'm especially interested in posts that share perspectives from people who identify themselves differently than I do.

Submission Guidelines
Submissions must be 
  • An MS Word document or Google Doc
  • Approximately 300-1000 words (though I'm verbose, so if it really needs to be longer, I understand)
  • Submitted via email (link at the top of page)
  • Free from corporate links
  • Completely original material or a post previously published on your own personal blog (please include the link to the original so that I can link back to it)
I have no problem opening up discussions on topics I may not completely agree with, but I will not publish any posts that openly attack other people, deride or vilify other perspectives, or contain racism, sexism, or other oppressive remarks. All images must be your own or Creative Commons licensed with appropriate attributions. 

Please include a byline that tells a little about yourself and any links back to your own site (if you have one) that you would like as well. Links within the text of the post should be referential only and not representing corporate interests or sponsored content. 

Your post may be edited for length, but please ensure that grammar and style are polished before submission. 

This blog is a side project for me. I don't even get the chance to post to it every day, so please don't be offended if you don't hear back from me about your submissions right away. Also, since this is just my little corner of the web, it's important to me that guest posts are stylistically cohesive with my blog as a whole before accepting them.

Ready to submit? Use the email link above or write to me at balancingjane [at] gmail [dot] com and send me your posts!


  1. OMG. My only comment is this - enough! This pseudoanalysis of every facet/role that a woman portrays in her lifetime is ridiculous. We simply ARE. Men as well. Each must find a way to define themselves void of society's labels. Please stop seeing a war where there is none.
    Parenthood, motherhood and fatherhood ARE the hardest jobs in the world - regardless of the enormous responsibility in shaping tomorrows people, add to that is the 24/7 schedule and the fact that there is no reference nor procedural manual on how to do just that. It is mostly trial and error, hopefully with the purest of intentions. Deal with it.

    1. I'm not really sure if you're referring to some specific "pseudoanalysis" or the blog as a whole. I also don't know how you see talking about the roles of parenthood, motherhood, and fatherhood--which I agree are "enormous responsibilit[ies] in shaping tomorrow[']s people"--is a "war." Writing about the complexities of these roles is precisely the way I "deal with it." You can, however, not read them. It's cool.

    2. It is 2016 and things have gotten worse for women, not better. Anyone who cannot see the factors of this is either in deep denial or has some other vision of what we are going through. I am not a conspiracy theorist because I am not imaginative or smart enough to create and maintain one. I am an examiner and investigator and this is what I see. The role of women in a post apocalyptical (in non-Biblical terms), world has every mark of fact.
      the role of the women, as I see it, will be at the very core of the re-stabilization of sapient humanity. No aspect must remain unexamined. N9o subject too great. We need not "pseudoanalysis" but real planning for real times. The "Round Table Discussions" of the Christian Personalists, while necessary, are purely intellectual, but at least aimed at rational solutions. The rest is 'in vivo'. Women, I am sorry to say, have been forced to over populate this planet, have been suppressed, disregarded and mostly considered weak and never serious. They have not had the right to vote, rule themselves, even own property or even have medical control over their own lives until the 20th Century. Need I go on? But anthropologically they have been proven to be the erstwhile rulers of humanity. They did not argue as the dregs of the organ meats were thrown back to them, but quietly organized and actually performed the duties which produced human civilization. They were (are) the nurturers, the confidants, the lovers, the care givers 'soto voce' diplomats and advisors and, yes, sometimes the assassins (which I think the Roman and Jewish historians vastly vilified, but the Greeks and Persians did not.) It will only be in the crucible of the 'post apocalyptic' world where human recovery will be challenged and again melded with the rest of the "living world". It will be those most connected with the natural who will do it: the female.

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  8. This is in response to the "I am not OK" post:

    Your lack of self confidence is horrifying. Stop victimizing yourself. Be strong in who you are, and f*** those who are ignorant. Dont allow folks' immaturity to ruin you. This is choice that you, and you alone, have and it is completely up to you make. You cannot rely on the government or a single person (president) to solve your problems because they cannot and will not solve your problem with the irrational fear and hatred that others feel in their hearts. It will only make things worse.

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