Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pregnancy Brain?

Pregnancy brain is apparently a myth, but I wish I had the excuse today.

At the moment, I am supposed to be doing at least one of the following:
1) Reading the last few pages of a novel before class starts in two hours.
2) Writing a 10-page paper that's due in one week.
3) Writing a 20-page paper that's due in two weeks.
4) Scheduling summer workshops for work.

What I am actually doing is much simpler: avoiding 1-4. It's not that I try to avoid them. I pick up my book with gusto (okay, maybe not gusto). I read a page, maybe two. Then, I suddenly realize that the last two paragraphs haven't registered at all. Instead, I'm thinking about what I should do for dinner tonight, whether or not I remembered to mail off the bills I filled out last night, and--yes, of course--hundreds of fleeting, random thoughts about this human being growing inside of me.

I'm tempted to use the human-growing thing as a legitimate excuse, but it wouldn't be fair. I was not at all pregnant at the end of last semester, and I found myself watching back-to-back episodes of the British drama Skins on Netflix instant watch while considering the most effective way to reorganize my kitchen cabinets.

(This is Chris, the best Skins character.)

No, this is not pregnancy brain, this is just my plain-old-everyday brain, trying to trick me into avoiding work. I managed to get everything together at the end of last semester, and I'll do it again this semester. The procrastination just adds some excitement!

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