Thursday, August 26, 2010

Going Bananas

I need to eat bananas. Lots of bananas.

See, I have been having these leg cramps. At first, they were little twinges of pain that woke me up and went away when I stretched a little. Once, one of them became a dragon of pain that left me writhing on the floor when I tried to stand up, unable to physically pull my foot back with two hands. Then, two nights ago, the dragon called in some friends, and I woke up FIVE TIMES in the night, once to the sound of my own screams. This is unpleasant.

So I will eat bananas. The problem is, I don't particularly like bananas. The taste is okay, but the texture, not so much.

Any suggestions on banana recipes? I am tempted to put them in a blender with chocolate ice cream, but I somehow don't think that will make a very healthy daily treat.


  1. Bananas are good in banana bread (like zucchini bread, but with bananas) or in smoothies. I make my smoothies with bananas, plain yogurt, fruit juice, and frozen berries.

  2. I am assuming you need to eat more bananas due to a perceived potassium deficiency? It's unlikely, potassium is found in a lot of foods. Other foods, besides bananas, with high potassium: swiss chard, yams, avocado, lima beans, lentils, spinach, and papaya.

    Try upping your calcium intake too - calcium ions are just as important as potassium for muscles.

    Here's a great recipe for summer succotash (the lima beans) (tried it last week with all farmers market/garden ingredients - it was great!):

  3. Thanks! Yams sound like a much better option than bananas. And that succotash sounds delicious.