Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Young Professor

Due to a series of chaotic events (involving Vegas, copper thieves, and hectic mornings(intrigued?), my daughter had to come to a class I taught on Thursday.

It was the final class of the semester, and I was using the time to ask these freshmen, finishing the final week of their first year in college, what they learned and what they felt they needed to change to be successful.

I suppose the cadence of my voice changes when I am in "lecture mode," and it must have inspired my daughter because, perched on my lap in the front of the room, she looked seriously from face to face in front of her and began a series of babbles like none I've heard before.

She is normally quick to smile, especially when others are smiling at her. Her long series of "bah-blah-la-ba-la-la" produced a roomful of grins, but she did not reciprocate. She had something to say. I got louder to try to speak over her, but she just got louder in response. This advice would not wait. She was guiding these young minds.

I told them that she had the secret to their college success and she was sharing it, but, like most secrets to success, it would require a lot of personal interpretation.

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