Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Liz Trotta on How Military Women Should "Expect" to Be Raped


The mind. It boggles. (Full transcript here).

Liz Trotta argues that a staggering 64% increase in violent sexual assault against women since 2006 is somehow evidence of the "sleeping giant" of a problem that women are in the military to begin with. 

To her, it is somehow further evidence that "the feminists" (because you know, we speak with one monolithic voice) have misstepped in pitting themselves as both victims and warriors. Because you can't be both a victim when you're being raped and a warrior when you're--you know--fighting in a war. You have to choose. Or something. 

At one point, she says this about the increase: "Now what did they expect? These people are in close contact."

Not that it makes much difference as to how horrendous her comment is, but I am curious as to who this "they" refers to. Are "they" the women themselves who should have  known their service to their country came at the expense of being brutally attacked? Are "they" the people who foolishly recognized that keeping women out of the military is a sexist act of bigotry? 

She also says that after looking at the attacks, the Pentagon report has "actually discovered there is a difference between men and women." This, apparently, is further evidence of the wrong-headedness in allowing women to join the military to begin with. So what's the difference? That women are more likely to be raped? That men are more likely to attack a woman? How do those differences point to a problem with the mere presence of women and not with a culture that excuses and allows rape? You know, the type of culture that would green light the online publication of a rapper giving "fatherly advice" to young men on how to rape girls?

Finally, she calls the support systems in place for women who have been assaulted in the military--which, again, the crazy feminists have insisted we have--"bureaucracy upon bureaucracy." When co-anchor Eric Shawn suggests that we should protect all military members from anything illegal, she scoffs and says "nice try Eric."

Yes, Eric. Nice try indeed. We won't be having any of that talk on "rights" and "protection" and "legality" around here. 

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