Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Busy, Busy Bee

So, it's midterm. I have papers due, papers to grade, and some other hectic stuff going on. All that to say, I haven't been posting much and probably won't be until next week (which is Spring Break! I know, I know. I don't really get Spring Break, but I don't have to go to class and there aren't any students on campus so it's pretty calm all around).

In the meantime, here's some things I read today that I thought were interesting.

  • A Forbes article examining the Limbaugh social media firestorm for what it says about young feminists' ability to organize. 
  • An NPR article looking at trends in women's voting. 
  • A Colorlines article about how the MPAA ignores a young woman's petition to change the rating on Bully from R to PG-13 (have I mentioned how useless I find MPAA ratings?)
And, in case none of that is your cup of tea, here's a picture of my daughter being confused by the existence of tinted sunglass lenses. 

Oh, and, even though I'm crazy busy at this particular second, I won't always be. I'd love for you to follow Balancing Jane on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest (or all three!) Let's hang out. 


  1. I love reading your blog posts! this one was short but it was funny cause i literally read the same articles as you did today!


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