Friday, April 20, 2012

Identity in Balance Guest Post: Emma

Today's guest post in the Identity in Balance Writing Series comes from Emma. You should check out Emma's blog Laughter in the Lou where she writes about laughter yoga and leading a laughter club. Her blog is full of great perspective on happiness, life, and health, so even if you aren't in the Lou, it's a great read!

upper middle class
i do not own my own car
life in saint louis

people drive cars here
traffic and parking are fine
stuff is all spread out

you don't have a car?!?
*staring at me like i'm alf*
how do you...what the?

defending the life i love
calmly explaining

still getting the look
then guilt and "i just could never"
i'm not asking that

somehow this prompts you
to point out your shortcomings 
as if i had judged

once the shock wears off
"oh you are so good and green"
martyr's not my name

ride the thirty bus
explain my iPad daily
"is that for movies?"

mine's almost always
one of few good winter coats
or boots, bags or books

can't carry? don't bring
on bicycle riding days
planning carefully

"what if it might rain?"
you the western wicked witch?
water is okay

intersection of:
i have the means for a car
but not the desire

gasps, awe, jealousy
guilt, questions, confusion, fear
nice to meet you too

The Identity in Balance Writing Series is all about looking at how different parts of our lives and identities intersect. If you'd like to submit a post, you can find out more about the series here

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  1. I love this! I wish I didn't have a car. Now I'm inspired to go ride the bus and see if I can get around my city without a car.