Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wrapping Up 2012!

I can't complain about 2012. It's been a wonderful year for me. I've had the chance to grow and learn and watch my daughter, who turned two this year, do the same. I got my dream job (how you going to top that, 2013?) I laughed a lot, made great friends, and generally enjoyed my life.

I also hit some pretty big milestones on this blog, including getting 20,000 page views in a single month, which is something I would not have believed could happen when I first started writing. I know that I've gotten a lot of new readers since the beginning of the year (Hi and thank you!), so I wanted to give a little year-end wrap-up of some of my favorite posts and share a few pictures from the year.


I love music, and it's probably the entertainment media that I consume the most. That led to several posts about it:


This year my little baby grew into a verbal, independent toddler, and my parenting skills definitely had to grow right along with her. I had some posts that reflected on those changes:

Fitness/Body Image

I went through some pretty radical self-care adjustments, finally finding a space where I could separate fitness from an unhealthy body image and enjoying being healthy for health's sake. I wrote several posts as I went through that journey:


I also wrote a few things that didn't really fit in anywhere else but that I wanted to share again.

I hope that you had a wonderful 2012 and that your 2013 is full of love and joy. (And to my blogging friends, if you do a end-of-year link wrap-up, feel free to share the link in the comments. I'd love to catch up on anything I missed from you!) 

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