Friday, April 26, 2013

The Good, the Bad, and the Curious (Links!)

It is April, but come hell (in the form of every single paper to grade ever, final papers to write for grad school, and books to read) or high water (in the form of, well, high water as it's been raining forever and there are flood warning everywhere), I'm getting you your links for the week!

Here's what I've been reading that made me smile (The Good), cry (The Bad), and think (The Curious).

Please add anything you've been reading or writing in the comments!

The Good

“It was a gut check, for sure, but we had to draw a line in the sand,” agreed Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S. Carolina). “If we had voted the way the American people wanted us to, it would have sent the message that we’re here in Washington to be nothing more than their elected representatives.”

  • Live music is found to help soothe premature babies.
  • The ELLA Leadership Institute has some great tips for bloggers on professionalization.
  • A friend of mine sent me a link to the top ten strongest non-superhero women in comics.
  • Tori at Anytime Yoga wrote an excellent post about why she is not "brave" to be teaching students in a "bad" neighborhood:
    It devalues my kids, makes them out to be somehow worse than all the other teenagers in all the other high schools. They are not, and it is bigoted to imply otherwise. 

The Bad

  • Think Progress reports on what happened when a gay couple in Missouri were discriminated against by a hospital, even after they had taken all the legally-allowed steps to protect their rights as a couple.  
  • MRA rape and death threats. Pleasant.
  • A Houston-based CBS affiliate ran a reader poll to decide if this professional cheerleader was too fat for her chosen profession. Seriously. They did that.
  • This student decided he needed to protest a Take Back the Night event aimed at raising awareness about sexual assaults by holding up a sign that said "You Deserve Rape." Seriously. He did that.
  • The (very) rich got richer. The poor (if you count 93% of America in "the poor") didn't.

The Curious 

  • Birthing Beautiful Ideas takes on the sexism of a Wall Street Journal article that says women only go to professional blogging conferences to escape the chaos of motherhood. It's basically all pillow fights and boob-size comparison, you know?
  • Danielle at from two one explains why blogging can be so exhausting, especially when it starts to look like middle school. (Maybe those bloggers need to go to a conference so they can have a pillow fight or two.)
  • This article from the Chronicle on how "slash" has entered the vernacular as a new slang word is fascinating! If you don't read anything else I link to today, you should go read this one.
  • Cori Mattli has a wonderful piece over at The Feminist Wire about becoming an anti-racist feminist.
  • A recent article from the International Journal of Epidemiology suggests that the science doesn't justify our societal panic over obesity and overweight.
  • The Root tackles a reader question about whether it's okay for people to say that biracial children are the "most beautiful." (Hint: it's not.)

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  1. Thanks for including me, Michelle! I'll check out some of the other links this weekend -- they look really interesting (and some depressing).