Thursday, August 8, 2013

Technology Hold-Outs: Tools I Didn't Know I "Needed"

I was a smartphone hold out.

My husband got one for work, and I scoffed at it. "Who needs all that. I have an iPod for music and a computer. Why would I need a phone that does all of that?"

He would be checking email or reading news stories while we were waiting in line at grocery stores. "Stop it. You're addicted to that thing."

Then when we were driving across the state, I'd ask to use it from the passenger seat, getting my Facebook and blog fix. The appeal became more apparent.

And now, I suppose, I have to eat crow.

Does anyone even say that anymore? Do I just sound crazy?
I just came in from a run where I not only used my smartphone, but I used three apps simultaneously. While listening to the audio version of Orange is the New Black (a book that varies quite dramatically from its hit television show adaptation, by the way), I tracked my run on Runtastic while simultaneously using a separate app called Runtastic Timer to let me know when to change my interval speed. 

Obviously, no one "needs" all these things to go for a run. All you really need is clothes and shoes. However, without the book to distract me, the timer to keep me focused, and a way to track my steady improvement to motivate me, I know that my running would be less successful. I know this because I was a smartphone hold out, and I can see the difference that its making to have these tools available. 

I also may have let my daughter play Plants v. Zombies to keep her quiet in church on the day the woman who runs the daycare couldn't make it. 

Have you ever given in to technology you were reluctant to use? Do you wish you'd remained a hold out? Or can you not imagine your life without it now? 

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  1. When I first heard about the iPhone, I thought it was the silliest invention. Who could possibly use it and enjoy it? Touching a screen - ridiculous! A year later, I visited the Apple store and fell in love. We love our iPhones.