Friday, July 11, 2014

New Commenting Guidelines

I made some changes to my Disqus settings and I want to explain them really quickly.

When I first started blogging, no one knew who I was (and I blogged anonymously), so I had no comment guidelines. Then people started finding me, and I got some great conversations with amazing people. Then other people started finding me, and I got some horrible threats and cruel jabs, so I implemented a "I'll delete you if you're terrible" policy. 

Now, though, I don't really get much commenting action on the blog itself. Most of my conversations about my posts happen on my Facebook page or on Twitter. While I still occasionally get a real live person wanting to engage in a real live conversation in the blog comments, most of the time I do not. 

What I get instead are people posting as Anonymous who are clearly robots trying to spam for back links. I know this because they say things like "This blog great today. I learn a lot really penis pump. Male enhancement to give tomorrow is a big sunrise. Visit my site!" 

The other thing I get is people skimming through posts I wrote months or even years ago to leave hate comments and threaten my life. 

I've taken a two prong attack here. I've disabled the ability to post as a Guest. You now have to put in an email address to show you are, in fact, a real person. But that doesn't do anything against the hate comments. 

So if you want to write just to tell me that I'm "fat" (though I am pretty well acquainted with my own body) and an "ugly bitch" or that you hope that I "choke to death" or to say "kill yourself" or that you "hate" me, I will now see that comment before it goes live and decide if this is really the place for it. 

I love a good debate, and I am not afraid of people disagreeing with the things I say, but disagreeing with me and wishing that I die a horrible death (usually while very clearly not having read any of the things I actually wrote beyond the headline) are not really in the same ball park. 

I hope that this doesn't frustrate the commenting practice to the point that people who really do want to have a conversation are dissuaded, but it seems like comment sections (at least for me, on this site and others) aren't really the place where that intelligent conversation goes on anyway, so I also hope the loss is not too great.

Photo: Kevin Trotman


  1. Yes but exploiting your child on the internet will continue. People find your years old pages because they google something like 'fat chin' and your DAUGHTER"S face pops up on the internet. I guess a PhD can't give you good parenting skills. Your placement of blame is fucking hilarious! If you don't like the internet then just keep a family photo album bitch.

  2. Advertising means more to you than your child. White mothers raising Black babies will always result in stupidity and self hate. I feel sorry for your kid. Not to mention she will have to fight obesity her whole life because she has two fat ass parents one of whom is ugly as an ass turd. Her cuteness comes from being Black. I'm surprised ugly people like you even have the courage to reproduce at all. You got a Black man that no other Black woman would ever tolerate because White women are weak and stupid.

  3. Can't blame you at all for this. I get one or two comments per year (sigh) but Wordpress makes me approve them first. It's an underappreciated function as far as I'm concerned.

  4. Angela Holland-SniffJuly 11, 2014 at 3:25 PM

    I'd just thought I'd chime in and say that I hardly comment, but look forward to reading your blog. I really appreciate your point of view. I find it really balanced and informed. Keep on keepin' on!