Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Good, the Bad, and the Curious (Links for the Week)

Here are the things that made me smile (The Good), cry (The Bad), and think (The Curious) this week. What have you been reading (or writing)?

The Good

The Bustle has a list of feminist songs.

I'm really enjoying Master of None, and I enjoyed this reflection from Kelvin Yu on how this show finally allowed him to play someone he recognized in himself:
So for years I played nerds, and then for a long time I played jilted Asian men who were angry because they'd been dishonored. I would like murder my sister or my wife on CSI: New York or Without a Trace or NCIS. I just would kill my wife because I was so mad because I'd been dishonored. The problem with that is there's some well-intended writer whose probably not Asian-American back there doing his or her best to write an episode of their show that involves Asians, but they don't have any primary or even secondary interactions with Asians to go off of. So they end up falling into a little bit of low-hanging fruit and they don't realize how many times I've had to kill my wife and my sister because she was like, dating a white guy and I couldn't take it. And then you walk around New York and there's guys like Alan and girls like Lena walking around, so this is the first time it was like, "Hey dude, just be you. We're going to put you in great boots. You're going to walk down Elizabeth [Street] and say some funny things."
I love this list of female-centric revisions of "Hotline Bling" (side note: he clearly means "blink," right?! It drives me crazy that it is "bling.") My favorite is Ceresia's:

The everyday and beautiful reality of breastfeeding, captured in this photo project.

Roller derby continues to serve as a welcoming space for transgendered athletes.

The Bad

Locally, the temperature dropped suddenly and deeply. This morning, three children died in a house fire started by a space heater, and it breaks my heart. 

Did faulty response by WHO make the Ebola outbreak worse

Donald Trump.

The Curious 

Do the socialist-leaning youth suggest a trending change in the landscape of American politics?

I want to grow fruit trees in my house, but I'm kind of bad at growing things. I'll let this idea marinate for a bit.

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