Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

My husband's been asking me what I wanted to do for Mother's Day for at least three weeks, and I didn't really know. Brunches are crowded, and we live close enough to amazing brunch places that we have them pretty regularly on the weekends anyway.

It's St. Louis' 250th birthday this year, and they're celebrating by installing birthday cake statues all over the city. I've been sporadically taking my daughter's picture with them when I see them in the hopes of making her a photo album that will show her all over the city she grew up in. 

So I decided that what I really wanted to do for Mother's Day was take a long walk collecting some pictures, and that's what we did. Here's the results, interspersed with some quotes from my three-year-old daughter who (I swear I'm not exaggerating) talked the entire time that we were on this trek . . . about four hours. 

"Mommy. There's a bug. There's a bug on the cake. Get the bug. I don't like bugs. Can you get the bug, please? Oh look! A ladybug! I like ladybugs! Can I touch it? I'll be gentle. I'm touching it. I'm touching the ladybug!"

(Looking at a picture of St. Louis Cardinal's player with an open mouth and his fists in the air, clearly celebrating.) "Oh no. That guy's hurt." I explained that he was happy, not hurt. "He's not happy. He's hurt. I'm so sorry that he's hurt. You don't scream when you're happy. You scream when you're hurt."

"Mommy, what are we doing? Where's a cake? Do you see a cake? Is that a cake? Where's the next cake? Can I find the cake? Is that the cake? I see a cake! It's an orange cake!" (There was no orange cake.)

"Ooh! This cake has sparkles!" This led to disappointment at every single subsequent cake. "Why doesn't this cake have sparkles? I wish this cake had sparkles. I like sparkles. Do you like sparkles?"

This is a rough estimate, but I think my daughter probably asked me 15 questions a minute for four straight hours. I hope you, too, had an inquisitive Mother's Day. 


  1. HAAAAAAAA I absolutely LOVE the account of this trek ! Your stories made my night, have me smiling lol and I have to agree the sprinkle cake was pretty darn cool! Come find the one I painted! Now I want to hear what she will say about it!!!!
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