Saturday, August 25, 2012

I Don't Electrocute Myself for Fun, or Health

9 volt battery

Look at that 9-volt battery. Don't you just want to stick your tongue on it? No? Me neither. But that was a common way of demonstrating your "bravery" when I was kid. Being willing to hold those prongs up to your tongue and take the subsequent jolt that would run through your body was a sign that you were tougher than those around you. I think I did it once. 

At another point in my childhood, some of my friends acquired one of these:

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That's a "Lightning Reaction Reloaded""game." Yes, it's listed in the "toys and games" section. What does it do? Well, it has multiple modes, so you can pick just how "fun" it is, but in all of the modes someone is going to get a jolt of electricity sent through their bodies. Here, watch a promo for it where it is described as "a dance of terror and laughter, of fun and fear, of party and panic":

I got teased for being too "afraid" to play it. That's fine. (As an aside, did other people do this, or is this a byproduct of growing up in the sticks? Did those of you with your fancy malls, bowling alleys, movie theaters and Wal-Marts find less intentionally painful ways to entertain your teenage selves?)

I tell you all of this because I signed up for that zombie 5k in October. This race is definitely going to be a challenge for me as it will require me to not only run a 5k, but also complete obstacles. I'm excited about challenging myself and using it as a motivator for my workouts. But I've heard it rumored that some of the obstacles might include climbing through electrified wires. If that's the case, I just want it noted now that I'll be skipping the obstacle and written down as a "non-survivor." The only way I'd willingly shock myself is if there were actual zombies chasing after me. I just don't get being electrocuted for fun.  

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  1. Wow I'm shocked (haha) that "lightning reaction" game exists. I wouldn't play it either.