Monday, August 20, 2012

Wedding Humor Isn't Keeping Up with Modern Marriage

I'm at the age where I attend a lot of weddings. And that's fun, because I love weddings. I love seeing two people find one another and decide to form an unbreakable bond (something that doesn't just happen through weddings, but I think that's an important bond, and I like the celebration of it).

But that also means that I hear a lot of wedding humor. Whether it's from well-meaning groomsmen joking about the "ol' ball and chain" or even the wedding officiant cracking jokes about how the groom might want to run, I've heard a lot of "humor" casting women as shrews looking to trap a man and men as fools who should be looking for the nearest exit.

Today, I'm over at from two to one (while Danielle takes a much-deserved vacation) talking about how this wedding humor may have once made sense (even if it was always cruel), but it really has no place in modern marriage. Isn't it time our marriage jokes got an upgrade?

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