Friday, November 18, 2011

I Need Your Help!

Hey, have a second?

If so, I'd really, really appreciate it if you'd go over to my other blog See Jane Juggling and interact with some of the media reviews.

This blog is part of a project for one of my PhD classes, but I'm liking it so much that it might end up being part of my dissertation, and--either way--it's definitely something I want to keep up after the class ends.

The basic argument is that, as purchasers of media, we have the power to "vote with our wallets"and promote media with positive messages (buycott) and discourage consumption of media with negative messages (boycott). I'm particularly interested in the way gender and race are portrayed in children's media because children lack the cognitive maturity to analyze these messages completely and--because children consume more media than ever before--these messages are increasingly pervasive. Blogs offer us a space to analyze these media, enabling us to make more informed decisions, share ideas about how to talk about complexities with our children, and influence the production of positive media messages.

There will be a whole paper posted on the blog in the next month, but I really need some participants! The blog has an interactive rating system (explained along the right hand side). I would also love comments and discussion about the media reviewed. If you don't see anything reviewed that you are interested in, there is also a link to suggest other books, TV shows, movies, or toys.

You don't have to be a parent to play! You could replace "Would you let your child watch/read/listen, etc." with "future child" or "niece or nephew" or "friend's child" or whatever fits for you. Also, if you know anyone else who might be interested, please pass the site along.

Thank you so much for your help.

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