Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Links: The Good, the Bad, and the Curious

The Good- (things that made me smile)

"Little Boy Witches"- Jeffrey Self writes about the freedom of expression his mother allowed him when she helped make the perfect Wicked Witch of the West costume, the shame he felt in hiding it from his classmates, and what it taught him about confronting gender stereotypes.

Jezebel reports on the first lesbian couple to be crowned homecoming king and queen, a vote prompted by their supportive classmates.

The Bad- (things that made me sad)

Safeway had a pregnant mom and her husband arrested after they accidentally stole $5 worth of sandwiches. Their 2-year-old daughter was taken into overnight protective custody.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics urges a boycott of Johnson and Johnson  over unsafe chemicals in their baby shampoo--chemicals they've managed to taken out of shampoo formulas in other markets that ban the substances, but that remain in U.S. products.

The Curious- (things that made me think)

What Tami Said has an interesting post about shifting cultural views on marriage traditions and couching it in language that doesn't single out a "black marriage crisis."

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