Monday, May 21, 2012

Kraft's No Stranger to Criticism Over Stereotypes

Kraft's MilkBite campaign is not the first time they've received criticism for their use of stereotypical portrayals. A few years ago, Kraft's use of Yiayia--a disapproving Greek woman--as spokesperson for their Athenos brand angered many in the Greek community.

That campaign was created by the same ad company as the MilkBite campaign. Droga5 is an ad company out of New York that clearly has talent, but does not seem concerned about what impact their work has on the world around them. Watch this video where Droga5 brags about their ability to cause a stir, even when that means hurting people with stereotypical portrayals.

I've written an analysis of this video and what it means for consumers over at Multicultural Familia. Check it out, and then join the campaign against Kraft's MilkBite ads. Our media is a reflection of us as much as we are a reflection of our media. Let's let companies know that we're not going to stand idly by while they profit off of damaging stereotypes. 


  1. Wow, so what Droga5 is saying is "we know it's offensive, but look at how many hits we got! That's a win, right? Yeah!" And people think Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce has no soul.

    1. And what makes it so sad to me is that they're clearly talented. Their campaigns are very well done. Doesn't the impact that kind of campaign can have make a difference?