Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What's a Saying For . . .

. . . when it rains it pours without the necessarily negative connotation?

storm #2
From powazny
In the past few days, a lot has gone on.
  • My daughter contracted Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease, which sounds dreadful, like limbs will begin falling off at any given moment, but was actually (thankfully) pretty mild. She had a horrible fever for one day, and then she had gross rashes everywhere that she didn't seem to notice (though I couldn't help but think of her as a little zombie as she ran to give me hugs with her little rash-covered hands. Does that make me a bad mom?) There was some insane juggling of schedules because of missed daycare and work, which wouldn't be all that bad except there's all this other stuff . . . like:
  • Finals week. It's here. That means that I have portfolios to grade and excuses for incompletion to ward off. As well as . . . 
  • Finals week. Since I'm also a student, not only a teacher, I have final papers to write. This was easier during last year's finals because my daughter was still little enough to be subdued with some rocking. She's having none of that. My full attention is required, lest the block towers be stomped mercilessly to the ground without witness. We can't have that. Work is hard to get done. But also . . 
  • I just accepted a new position. I'm going to be teaching full-time developmental writing at a community college, and I am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled. This is (literally) my dream job. I am so excited, and I can't wait to get started, but that means . . . 
  • I'm leaving my students. In the program I coordinate, we have split cohorts, so there's a group of students who I have been working with very closely who I'm now leaving before they graduate. I know they're going to do amazing things, but it makes me a little sad to have to leave them. And the new job also means . . . 
  • I have big decisions to make about my PhD. See, I was getting funding through my employment. I really want to finish, and I'm definitely going to finish coursework and sit for exams, but I'm going to have to pay for the dissertation hours out of pocket, and I definitely can't do it within the required timeframe for completion, so I'm going to have to weigh out all my options. In other news . . . 
  • My Kraft Milkbites petition is getting picked up all over the place and gaining tons of attention. I'm very excited about that, but (do you see this list above?) it's also coming at an overwhelming time, so I feel like I can't give it as much attention as I'd like to. And finally. . . 
  • We think we have a beehive in our office building at work, and there was talk of extermination. I lobbied for the bees, saying the hive could be removed without killing them, and that bees are an important part of the ecosystem, and damn it, I like honey! Of course, my enthusiasm was interpreted as volunteering, so now I am in charge of researching and proposing alternative bee removal methods. 
So yeah, when it rains it pours, only not bad? What would you call that?

I have more to say about lots of these things (except HFM Disease. It's gross. End of story.), but you'll have to excuse me as I try to get a handle on this week.  


  1. Instead of making a new phrase, let's just change the idea that rain is bad :) Rain is amazing!

    Good luck with all of these adventures.

    1. I love that solution, and I do love a good rain!