Sunday, May 13, 2012

Update on the Kraft MilkBite Campaign

As of this moment, there are nearly 250 signatures on the petition asking Kraft to stop using damaging stereotypes about multiracial people in their MilkBite campaign. Thank you so much to all of you who have signed, written to Kraft, and voiced your concerns.

Kraft has continued to ignore our complaints. Other than a few obviously pre-fabricated responses about not being able to account for everyone's tastes, Kraft has stayed silent. They probably think that if they ignore us long enough we'll lose interest and go away, leaving them to perpetuate their damaging stereotypes in an attempt to sell more granola bars.

But we won't.

We're pushing back. If you agree that Kraft's MilkBite commercials (you can read an analysis of them here) are unacceptable in the way they portray multiracial people as inherently flawed, there are several ways you can fight back.

1. Sign the petition 
2. Like our Facebook page: "Kraft MilkBite: Say NO to #TragicMel"
3. Tweet to @kraftfoods and voice your concerns using #TragicMel hashtag
4. Follow #TragicMel on Twitter for campaign updates
5. Share this campaign with your friends and family

We can make a difference! Need proof? Check out the way some other big companies have responded to consumer concerns about their marketing:

This means that we have the power. We're the consumers. These companies depend on us to make their money; not the other way around. Tell Kraft that this campaign is unacceptable. Tell them that you're paying attention. Together, we can see a change. 

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